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Český klub skeptiků SISYFOS


Český klub skeptiků SISYFOS je součástí světového skeptického hnutí, které vzniklo v r.1976 v USA z iniciativy desítek vědců a filozofů, mezi nimi několika nositelů Nobelových cen jako reakce na vzestup iracionality ve společnosti. Vzniklá společnost, jejíž vůdčí osobností a ...

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Here you can read the Statute of Sisyfos Association.

Here is downloadable application of members of our association.
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Czech Skeptical Club SISYFOS


The Czech Skeptics Club Sisyfos is a member of the international skeptical movement which has been initiated in U.S.A. in 1976 by scientists and philosophers who reacted against the rise of irrationality in the community. Among the founders of the newly established society ...

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During the esoteric exhibition in May 2012 (see article of Č. Zlatník Physical exhibition of Mr George Egely, a talk was given by Dr. G. Egely, the co-author of the device called "the Egely Wheel", see Fig. 1. The plastic wheel (65 mm in diameter) shown on the picture is placed on a bearing ...
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Sisyfos, the Czech Sceptics' Club, has bestowed the founder of holotropic breathing and a family of astrologers with the main Erratic Boulder prizes for misleading the public for 2007.

"With 42 nominations, we had a lot to choose from," said astrophysicist Jiří Grygar, head of the committee for the anti-prizes and chairman of the Learned Society of the Czech Republic.

Whole article you can ...
18.10.2007 / 15:38Jiří Grygarhits 24611e-mail
Presented at the XIIIth Congress of ECSO in Dublin, Ireland (September, 2007). PPT presentation can be downloaded ...
11.01.2007 / 07:55Luděk Pekárekhits 26501e-mail

A throughout analysis of irrational, pseudoscientific and occult ideas and of its spreading throughout Europe has been presented in many contributions on skeptic meetings and in printed books and papers (see e. g. Sisyfos web sites, archive). So our skeptics’ clubs and organizations have got very good theoretical equipment for fighting against these pathological phenomena. ...
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Third Skeptikon will be since 8th up to 10th September 2006 in Letovice, hotel Koupaliste. All people, who have interest to spend a nice weekend together with skeptics (in this activity will be present whole committe and some co-operating experts), get reservation of accommodation at ...
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The Czech Skeptics Club Sisyfos is a member of the international skeptical movement which has been initiated in U.S.A. in 1976 by scientists and philosophers who reacted against the rise of irrationality in the community. Among the founders of the newly established society CSICOP, the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal were several Nobel ...
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Dear members,

let me remind you of the upcoming ECSO congress in October. As SKEPP informs us, there will be a special highlight: Rupert Sheldrake will speak at the conference and have an open discussion with skeptics.

We should also like to remind you of the early registration fees until September 1. Please see:

We also ask you to widely distribute this notice ...
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11th European Skeptics Congress in London, Sept 5-7, 2003
We should like to remind all European skeptics who wish to participate in the European congress to register soon.
A registration form can be found at:
For a list of hotels see:
Futher information at: ...
05.08.2006 / 00:16Jiří Heřthits 22318e-mail
The acupuncture (ACU) appears to be a chameleon.

Sometimes, it is considered to be a typical method of the alternative medicine (AM), sometimes a part of the scientific medicine. According to some, e.g. to a special committee of the European Commission, the effectiveness of the ACU is not convincing, or there is no scientific evidence of it.

On the contrary, the conference of the NIH ...
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Praha, Czech Republic
September 7 - 9, 2001

the Congress of the European Council of Skeptical Organisations (ECSO)
organised by the Czech Skeptics Club SISYFOS
under the auspices of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Published by ICARIS Ltd.
Conference Management
Nám. Dr. Holého 8, 180 00 Praha 8
Czech Republic

Phone: +420.2. 684 4304, Fax: +420.2. 6631 2113, E-mail: ...
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Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me begin my brief address with telling you what is a common denominator of all of us present here today. I believe that it is an interest in the fate of mankind. Is this interest really necessary? I think so and I feel it very strongly.

Especially in the early stage of the 21st century, serious worries connected with ...
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Amardeo Sarma, GWUP / ECSO

It is fifteen years after a wave of founding European organisations initiated by CSICOP. In these fifteen years, some groups have grown to large organisations. GWUP is one of these, and I will reflect on our experiences, which may be shared by others as well. These experiences are not only positive and good. Some have been painful. I wish to share them with you. In ...
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Cornelis de Jager
Sonnenborgh Observatory
3512 NL Utrecht, The Netherlands

Nearly five centuries ago, in 1511, Desiderius Erasmus, of Rotterdam but truly Européen avant la lettre, published his book ‘Stultitiae Laus’, meaning: ‘The Wisdom of Folly’. Its contents are a severe criticism of the world of his days, with ...
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Willem Betz
University of Brussels VUB, Department of Family Medicine
Laarbeeklaan, 103, B-1090 Brussels, Belgium

Evidence Based Medicine Today
Medicine has entered a phase where it is accepted that all diagnostic and therapeutic acts should be based on evidence. This rule should be applied to ...
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Mihály T. Beck
Department of Physical Chemistry, University of Debrecen,
H-4010 Debrecen, Hungary

In the last two decades one of the important and influencing school of the sociology of science expressed the view that science in general, including the natural sciences, is a social construction. There ...
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September 7th - 9th 2001, Prague, Czech republic
The congress is organised by the Czech Skeptics Club SISYFOS that was entrusted by the European Council of Skeptical Organisations (ECSO).


August 28th 2001: E-mail address for the ESC participants during the congress. See page Contact.
August 10th ...
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Film GRYGAR na TV Prima ZOOM

Životní příběh významného českého vědce, který proslul především jako popularizátor astronomie... Český dokument (2018)

TV Prima ZOOM, neděle 18. března 2018, 20:00 ...

Lectures in ASCR - czech
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Přednášky Sisyfa v AV ČR v roce 2018

Přednášky cyklu Věda kontra iracionalita se v roce 2018 konají tradičně v budově Akademie věd ČR na Národní třídě 3 v Praze 1, a to v místnosti 206 od 17 hodin. Po přednáškách následuje diskuze.

Středa 17. 10. 2018, 17:00 hodin
Jakub Kroulík (Falešní hráči): Hypnóza - fenomén známý i ...

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Kladno - 9. října 2018

Pozvánka na přednášku Klubu Sisyfos

Fermiho paradox


Mgr. Tomáš Petrásek
Fyziologický ústav AV ČR


úterý 9. října 2018 od 17.00


Gymnázium Kladno, nám. Edvarda Beneše 1573, posluchárna ve 2.p., číslo dveří 48 (ve 2. ...

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